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Level Two Certification - TV Tuesday

Feature film WriterForHire Syllabus (2021)

Mondays April 20th - May 18th 7:00p-9:30p

Location: Bridge 17, 252 Walker St Unit B, Atlanta, GA 30313

Class Time: 7:00p -9:30p (5-minute grace)

Street parking is available.

*Please note street parking is free where available. Looks for the dates on the NO PARKING signs. Sometimes the sign is posted with a date in the future or in the past.

Instructor: AZ Yeamen


text: 678.744.7225 (up to 24 hours response time)

office assistant: (faster response time)



Module One

Overview of tools and software required for the course. Foundation setting with business tools, understanding the difference between plot and story, comparable selection, pace, schedule setting, one-sheet synopsis. Most importantly, character arcs. Two assignments will be given this week, as well as two scripts to read and watch for the course.

Topics to review:

  • Weekly Case Study

  • Arc selection

  • One-sheet

  • Voice & Pacing

  • Proper comp search

  • Weekly story questionnaire.

  • Freytag's Pyramid (Exposition & Inciting Incident)



Module Two

Collaboration week. Based on last week's one-sheet story arc selection, present a tactful argument with a peer as to why your story arc approach is better suited to write the story. Be prepared to have film comparables that support your argument - structure-wise. Identify tropes in your story that you will explore and eventually deny to create an intriguing film. One assignment will be given this week.

Topics to review:

  • Freytag's Pyramid (Rising Action & Climax)

  • Story Arc

  • Power of Structure

  • Five-act vs. Three-act film structure

  • Plot vs. Story.

  • Weekly story questionnaire.



Module Three

The building blocks of any story are the scenes created to support your character's motivations. In this module, we will review the causational relationship between your plot/character structure and sequence order. Based on your treatment loglines (last week's assignment), mark the sequences of events using Freytag's Pyramid. Provide comparables to support your storytelling method. 

Topics to review:

  • Freytag's Pyramid (Falling Action & Denouement)

  • Story Arc

  • Scene structure

  • Obligatory scenes based on genre

  • Set Scene

  • 5-key elements of a scene

  • Setting and descriptions

  • Creating strong characters with strong motivations

  • Weekly story questionnaire.



Module Four

Pitch presentations are the cornerstone of writer-for-hire work. This module deals with final deliverables ad prepping clients for the pitch. 

Topics to review:

  • Freytag's Pyramid (Full Story)

  • Story Arc

  • Rewrites & Edits

  • Final Deliverables

  • Cleaning Scripts

  • Schedule interruptions

  • Closing out clients. (Legal requirements



Module Five - Capstone

A culmination of the program and steps on how to move forward. In this module, your personal thesis statement will be due. Prepare questions based on the topics below to ask a professional.

Topics to review:

  • Contracts - Letter for Agreement (Bridge 17 template)

  • Writer's Rights

  • Payscale

  • Continuing project involvement

  • Agent vs. Manager

  • Project integrity

  • When to say 'no.'

  • Managing producer's expectations.

  • Weekly work schedules

  • Collaboration techniques

  • When to STOP rewrites

  • Copyedit techniques (Final Draft 11)

  • Software tools and Communication (Legal protection).

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