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Idea to Print. Story to Life.

Bridge 17 Scriptwriters' Studio was created by AZ Yeamen, Executive Director and Founder of CCA Awards the only independent screenwriting awards show in Atlanta, GA, Bridge 17 is a community created for writers to learn, collaborate, and network with producers and writers offering Writer's Room style classes, Scriptwriter for Hire Services, Producer Story Creation, Story Prep, and Co-Work Space dedicated to writers.

Welcome to Bridge 17 #b17.

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Head Writer

Idea to Print. Story to Life.

AZ Yeamen


I am the Founder and Executive Director of Bridge 17 Scriptwriters' Studio; a 7,000 square foot independent content house for writers to work, learn, collaborate, promote, screen, and enjoy a like-minded tribe. I started my career like most writers - working an 8 to 5, taking care of home at night, then writing when inspiration hit me here and there. After a producer friend pitched an idea, I raised my hand to complete the project. Three days later the script was sold - I was bitten by the bug and turned pro. I found myself ignoring my day job to write. So eventually, I was let go and had to make my natural born passion and skill set work to pay bills. Talk about an inciting incident.

Nearly thirty scripts and years later selling every script I've ever written. I became the go-to for revisions, doctoring, whipping stories into shape, and pitch packages for TVOne, Aspire TV, Netflix, UMC Streaming, Bounce TV, and independent production companies.

Now, I am an evangelist for independent scriptwriters. All forms of media - not just the Hollywood Studios are grasping trying to find content. They're looking for your work, your ideas, but they want a professional to work. A writing professional understands marketability of scripts, the collaboration, the rewrites, brand management, concise storytelling - most importantly they know how to work with producers to execute changes in a script.

As most bios go, I can give you all my accolades - oh boy do I have many. However, the most important nugget about me is that I live off what I write and I have taught many others how to do the same.



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