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Idea to Print. Story to Life.

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Bridge 17 Scriptwriters' Studio was created by AZ Yeamen, Executive Director and Founder. Bridge 17 is a community created for writers to learn, collaborate, and network with producers and writers offering Writer's Room style classes, Scriptwriter for Hire Services, Producer Story Creation, Story Prep, and Co-Work Space dedicated to writers.


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Executive Director & Founder

AZ Yeamen


Welcome to Bridge 17 Scriptwriters' Studio! I'm the Founder and Executive Director, and my journey into the world of scriptwriting is rooted in a familiar story. Like many writers, I began with a traditional 8 to 5 job, juggling household responsibilities, and writing whenever inspiration struck. It all changed when a producer friend presented an idea, and I eagerly raised my hand to complete the project. In a remarkable turn of events, the script was sold just three days later, sparking my transformation into a professional scriptwriter.

Over the course of nearly thirty scripts and years of experience, I've successfully sold every script I've written. Recognized as the go-to professional for script revisions, story enhancement, and pitch packages, my work has reached TVOne, Aspire TV, Netflix, UMC Streaming, Bounce TV, and various independent production companies.

Today, I've evolved into an advocate for independent scriptwriters. In a media landscape hungry for content beyond Hollywood, your work and ideas are sought after. However, professionals are essential. As an evangelist for scriptwriters, I understand the intricacies of marketable scripts, collaborative processes, effective rewrites, brand management, and the art of concise storytelling. Crucially, I excel in working with producers to seamlessly execute changes in a script.

While accolades could fill this space, the most important facet of my journey is this: I not only live off what I write but have also imparted this knowledge to many others, guiding them on the path to sustaining a living through their craft. Welcome to a community that not only understands the art of storytelling but also thrives on the belief that your stories can change the narrative.




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