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If a question you have is not listed, please feel free to send an email to

Q. Where did the name "Bridge 17" come from?

A. Bridge 17 was born from the necessity of independent producers to interpret stories to writers. Producers often hear a great concept but are unable to help independent writers through the process and business of making their script sellable. Bridge 17, bridges the partnership between the two entities. The "1" in numerology stands for creation- the Writer,  "7" is completion - the Production, add together "8" is infinite. We hope all our projects have the ability to live on infinitely.

Q. Is it guaranteed that members will receive feedback on their work if they submit work to be reviewed each month?

A. Yes. Once a member, scripts are submitted based on completion and member order. Each member is allocated one script review per 45 days. Each review is a review of the work, however, it is not a script analysis. Script analysis can be performed on a member script but a script analysis must be purchased.

Q. Are their limitations to how often a member can use the space? 

A. Yes. Each member can use the space up to 3 times per week, however, a 48-hour notice is required. Please send office space request to

Q. Is there a time frame of when space is not available?

A. No. The office is always accessible, however, conference rooms may not be available evening hours or on weekends. Prior notice and purpose of use is required.

Q. If someone is given an assignment, who initially owns the finished work? The writer or Bridge17?

A.  Assignments are owned by the client to whom it has paid for the finished work. The writer receives credit in accordance with WGA West standards. Depending on the structure of the assignment, Bridge17 may also be listed as the writer in accordance with WGA West standards. Writers are permitted from using paid assignments for personal use such as but not limited to; writing contests, film festivals, resell and personal production.

Q. What are the legalities of joining as a member?

A. Membership is monthly and may be canceled at any time. Membership Fees are due at the first of the month and are non-refundable. If a writer requests to discontinue membership and is in the middle of a writing assignment, he/she must forfeit any and all compensation received. Any writing credit received from previously completed work will remain in the name of the writer. Writers may rejoin as a member only after 60 days. If a writer leaves a second time, he/she will not be permitted to rejoin a third time.

Q. When it comes to taxes, are members (who are assigned work and paid) classified as independent contractors or employees?

 A. All writers are independent contractors and Bridge 17 is not responsible for taxes. All writers receiving compensation will be required to fill out a W-9 form.

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