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Upcoming Courses

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Story Development 
(November 13th - December 18th, 2023)

Get set for a whirlwind six-week writing course on story development! Unleash your storytelling prowess as you master character creation, plot construction, and snappy dialogue that crackles. Dive into captivating narratives and learn the art of crafting three-dimensional characters, gripping plots, and vivid settings. Dance with pacing, tackle conflict head-on, and wield narrative devices like a magician. With a writer's toolbox overflowing, you'll emerge ready to mesmerize readers with your enchanting tales. Get ready to unleash your storytelling superpowers and bring your creative visions to life!

Story Building Refresher Course

For All Writers!


Have you attended a Weekend Workshop, or Writing Course, or need a writer to lift to fill in the blank page? This course is designed to jump-start your writing muscle. A one-day refresher, with one topic of Story Arcs design.

Using the Bridge Method™ the class will cover:

  • Mapping Character Spectrum

  • Tone setting with the opening image

  • Genre and style selection

  • Story creation

Class Reviews

Listen/Read more about B17.

Independent Content Developers

Bridge 17 works with independent producers/developers to create content for your digital platform, film, pilots, and/or offer story editing and script supervisory work for independent project(s).

Screening Space

Speak space, screenings, casting calls, meetings, and rehearsals.

Monthly Indie Night

Accepting Submissions Soon

Writer Wednesdays

Sometimes we just need to gather with other writers!

Let's read, critique, and workshop scripts.

Resumes September 14th, 2022

Our Mission

If we could do or be anything else we surely wouldn't choose screenwriting. Writing is not a desire for the team of Bridge 17 - it's a must. We live for the strain of a blank white page and yearn to fill it up.

Good writers keenly observe the world around them. Great writers have a story for the world around them. Our one and only goal is to be a penetrating voice in the midst of history, whether that history is yours or ours, we share in the adventure of story.


Connect With Us


Bridge 17 Office

252 Walker St

Atlanta, GA 30313


Mon-Fri: 10:00am - 4:00 pm

Sat: 10:00am - 1:00 pm

Sun: Closed
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